Karen Salem


My art is inspired by icons of the American farmhouse, the splendor of nature and vintage remnants of a simplistic life. I strive to capture the Texas Hill Country rural landscape while avoiding the pitfalls of cliché. I believe original art in the home can kinder the spirit and transform lives. Spanning three decades I continue to diligently pursue my creative passion as a full time, recognized artist. My mixed media technique is a proprietary silk screen and freehand painting process of superimposing ink overlapping strokes and drips of acrylic color leaving a translucent melding of mediums. My collection "Vanishing Texas" illustrates what is worth protecting for future generations like swimmin' holes, iconic figures and cultural experiences like rodeos, dance halls, charming towns, old barns, heritage ranches and horse pasture landscapes adorned with windmills, cactus and wild flowers.