Ed Peet

Coinucopia Painted Coins

I hand paint coins from over 100 different countries, some dating back to the late 1800's. I then utilize these coins to make many useful items including: pendants, earrings, wine stoppers, golf ball markers, Cufflinks and money clips. I use enamel metal flake paint and then add a protective epoxy coating which also adds depth and luster to the picture.

From the Artist:
"My wife and I began collecting coins as we travelled to various corners of the globe to have something with which to remember our trip. We both also love to play golf. We typically used coins to mark our golf balls, and thought that the coins we collected would be even more attractive if they were painted. I began painting coins, and developed techniques along the way to improve the paint, coloration and protective finishes. Depending on the coins characteristics, they are incorporated into jewelry, wine stoppers, golf ball markers and many other items."