Deb Wight

Mixed Media

From the Artist:

"I want to celebrate life and I want to share the joy in my life with the people around me.

I combine two materials very few artists do, glass and copper. I solder hand cut art glass onto a field of copper, then through unique textures and patinas I create an end result that is stunning. Light does not flow through the piece, instead, it refracts off of the copper behind the glass.

I started mosaics on a small scale and moved into large scale mosaics, kitchen backsplashes and fireplaces. I combine all materials into my mosaics so they blend with the environment beautifully. Then I added photography into my repertoire where I started with my undeniable love for pets, creating colorful works of art. Then moved into nature photography where I personalize them creating a niche that I have found people love. Finally adding my glass and copper work which I love. The glass and copper combination creates gorgeous works of art for any area of the home.

My passion is and will always be art. I believe everyone should have some form of art in their lives. Whether you create it, collect it or just go out and appreciate it."