Cindy Cherrington


CC Creations

As a warm glass artist, I skillfully fuse or melt an array of glass elements together at extreme temperatures by use of a kiln into a cohesive art form. These elements include transparent and opaque sheet glass, iridescent and dichroic glass, powders, chips and frits (crushed glass). No paint is involved in making my art. Depth and dimension is magnified when glass is layered and fused multiple times.

The process of fusing glass can be painstakingly slow. First an idea is sketched out on paper. Then I then cut, layer and assemble the basic design on a kiln shelf and place it into a cold kiln to start the slow heat process. It is then fired to varying degrees of intense heat for hours, depending on the desired outcome. Coupled with cooling time, the process can turn into days. It is the only art form that transforms into a finished piece “behind closed doors”. Only when it is cooled to the touch am I able to remove it from the kiln for evaluation, just to be returned to the kiln after additional layering of color and textures until the finest detail is achieved.