Cheyenne Rouse


Cheyenne is a self-taught photographer and has been shooting professionally since 1989. For many years she shot Adventure Sports and Outdoor Recreation stock photographs that have been published worldwide in numerous ad campaigns, magazines and books. Cheyenne is also a published author, having written several books as well as numerous photo/text pieces for national magazines. After 9-11, life and business changed, it was then that Cheyenne hung up her mountain climbing boots and film camera to pursue other interests. She soon found that she missed not only having a camera in her hand but she also missed the creative process. She wasn't interested in getting back into the editorial segment of the business again and knew that her calling this time would come in a different form. In 2008, Cheyenne picked up her camera again, this time digital; her creative sparks reignited fresh, new and bold! A proven master of technique, she's taking Digital Fine Art Photography into exciting, powerful and new directions. With her unique vision, she captures the subtle moods, the textures, and maybe the ghosts that live on somehow in the rusted, abandoned artifacts of the West and Southwest. She owned Ancient Light Fine Art Photography Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale from 2010 – 2012. While she enjoyed owning her own gallery, she now travels full time throughout the West & Southwest and sells her photographs at over 45 art shows a year. Cheyenne was born and raised in Miami, FL and has lived all over the West since 1989.